Smallest Ethernet Switches

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GigEthos Lite and Ethos Lite

Smallest Ethernet Switches for Your Unique Applications. Discover our line of ultra-compact ethernet switches designed to meet the specific demands for your diverse applications. Our smallest switches offer unparalleled versatility and performance, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal functionality in any environment.

All of our ethernet switches are manufactured in the USA in a facility that is compliant with the AS9100 Aerospace Management System.

Smallest Ethernet Switches

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GigEthos Lite

The world’s smallest commercially available 5 port gigabit ethernet switch


Ethos Lite

The world’s smallest commercially available 5 port 10/100 switch


The GadgetSmyth Advantage

The parent design for Ethos Lite was originally designed with Size Weight and Power (SWaP) constraints for an aerospace application.

The project required a tiny ethernet switch in order to allow multiple network devices on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sharing one data link. 

We searched for something that was small enough, light enough, and rugged enough. Nothing that we could find met our requirements for the application, so we decided to make our own.

We settled on 10/100mb because this is typically more than fast enough for supplying data to radio systems on UAV’s which are usually limited on the order of the 10’s of Mbits.

This enabled us to put more than one IP-capable sensor onto a single UAV and communicate with all of them through one data link. Knowing how hard it had been for us to find a switch this size we decided to take our original rugged design and create a commercial version of it, and the Ethos Lite was born.

 The Ethos Lite and GigEthos Ethernet switches are compact and specifically designed for applications where size, weight, and power are critical factors. Our observation shows their predominant use in UAV applications.