About Us

GadgetSmyth was founded in response to the dearth of tools suitable for our projects, primarily within the micro-UAV industry. The knowledge acquired through our experiences has been disseminated to the broader consumer market, as we recognized the scarcity of such resources when we encountered this shortfall firsthand.

We maintain an ongoing pursuit of novel concepts for products that address unmet consumer demands. Our aim is to cater to niche markets by identifying and fulfilling these specific needs.

In the future, we also aspire to offer products and development tools that are relevant to engineers, as we are a team of engineers ourselves. Our goal is to provide purposeful solutions that cater to the specific requirements and challenges faced by engineers in their respective fields.

If you have any needs or questions please feel free to reach out below:

Gadgetsmyth LLC
1315 W 400 S
Orem UT, 84058

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