About Us

GadgetSmyth was founded due to the lack of appropriate tools for our own projects, particularly in the micro-UAV sector. The insights gained from our experiences have been disseminated to the broader consumer market, as we identified the lack of these resources when we personally faced this shortfall firsthand.

With our expertise in electrical engineering and experience in UAV Aerospace technology, we continually explore innovative concepts to meet unmet consumer demands in the UAV Aerospace industry. Our goal is to identify and address niche markets by fulfilling specific needs that are currently unmet.

In the future, we aim to provide products and development tools tailored to engineers, leveraging our expertise as a team of engineers. Our goal is to deliver purposeful solutions that address the unique requirements and challenges faced by engineers in their respective fields.

If you have any needs or questions please feel free to reach out below:

Gadgetsmyth LLC
1315 W 400 S
Orem UT, 84058

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